Information and advice on tackle

When driving on frozen lakes and rivers it is essential to have a good and reliable 4x4 as the snow can be deep making traction difficult. A good quality auger with a very sharp blade makes drilling the holes quick and easy, remember the ice can be up to 4ft deep or more. A good quality scoop is essential as keeping the holes free of ice will help when playing and landing fish and to set the tackle correctly.

Electronics like a showdown or a flasher will help you find the depth and to present your bait accurately it also helps to locate fish. Tip-ups are used when fishing outside of a shelter when the temperature is too cold and the water freezes quickly after drilling. When a tip-up is set and positioned across a hole the flag is then set under a tee bar. When a fish bites the tee bar spins and the flag pops up. The fish is then played by hand. If fishing inside a shelter ice rods can be used.   

In January 2013 we fished in temperatures as low as -35c to -41c with the wind chill, so good quality clothing is essential. These extreme temperatures can induce frostbite in minutes so keeping warm is the number one priority.

If you are up for a challenge, love open spaces and catching true wild fish then this could be your ultimate challenge. ‘ICE FISHING IN CANADA’. It sorts out the men from the boys!                     

Some of the necessary equipment

Stephen drilling a 10 inch diamter hole for pike fishing 6" to 8" holes are used for jigging
Eskimo Fatfish insulated shelter to avoid the wind chill
Beaver Dam tip-up with special Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain logo
Camera: for observing the fish and looking for features on the bottom of the lake or river

Flasher: to find the depth of the fish swimming under the hole

Sonar: to find the depth of the water
Vexilar FL-8SE - Depth range down to 120ft
Vexilar Fish Scout - underwater camera

Bait used

Mini mackerel and smelts from Bait Box,
a UK based company

Clothing used

Frabill suit & gloves
Ice Armor suit & gloves
Sorel boots